01 January 2000

William Hartnell

BF: The Beginning
BF: Quinnis
BOOK: A Big Hand for the Doctor (6.5/10)
BF: Hunters of Earth (8/10)
TV: An Unearthly Child
Target: Doctor Who and An Unearthly Child (7.5/10)
TV: The Daleks
Target: Doctor Who and The Daleks (6.5/10)
TV: The Edge of Destruction
TV: Marco Polo
MA: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1/10)
TV: The Keys of Marinus
BF: The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance *
BF: Farewell Great Macedon *
BF: The Masters of Luxor *
TV: The Aztecs
TV: The Sensorites
BF: The Transit of Venus
TV: The Reign of Terror
BF: The Wanderer
BF: The Library of Alexandria
BF: Here There Be Monsters
BF: Flywheel Revolution (7/10)
BF: The Age of Endurance

TV: Planet of Giants
TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth
BF: The Revenants (7.5/10)
AFT: Fast Return
TV: The Rescue
TV: The Romans
TV: The Web Planet
TV: The Crusade
BF: The Rocket Men
TV: The Space Museum
MA: The Plotters (10/10)
BF: The Time Museum
BF: The Fifth Traveller
TV: The Chase
AFT: The Eleven Doctors (8/10)
TV: The Time Meddler
BF: Frostfire
BF: Upstairs
BF: The Suffering *
BF: The Ravelli Conspiracy

TV: Galaxy 4
BOOK: Empire of Glass (8/10) *
TV: Mission to the Unknown
TV: The Myth Makers
TV: The Daleks' Masterplan

BF: Home Truths (10/10)
BF: The Drowned World (9/10)
BF: The Guardian of the Solar System (10/10) *
BF: The Anachronauts
BF: The Sontarans
BF: O Tannenbaum
BF: The Perpetual Bond
BF: The Cold Equations  
BF: The First Wave
TV: The Two Doctors
TV: The Five Doctors
BF: The Light at the End (8.5/10)
TV: The Massacre
TV: The Ark
TV: The Celestial Toymaker
TV: The Gunfighters
BF: Mother Russia
BF: Return of the Rocket Men
BF: Etheria *
BF: This Sporting Life *
TV: The Savages
TV: The War Machines
AFT: The Phoenix Rises
AFT: Nemesis From Nowhere
AFT: The Trodos Conundrum

TV: The Smugglers
TV: The Tenth Planet

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