01 January 2000

Jago & Litefoot

BF: The Mahogany Murderers *

BF: The Bloodless Soldier *
BF: The Bellova Devil *
BF: The Spirit Trap *
BF: The Similarity Engine *

BF: Litefoot and Sanders *
BF: The Necropolis Express *
BF: The Theatre of Dreams *
BF: The Ruthven Inheritance *

BF: Dead Men's Tales
BF: The Man at the End of the Garden
BF: Swan Song
BF: Chronoclasm

BF: Jago in Love
BF: Beautiful Things
BF: The Lonely Clock
BF: The Hourglass Killers
BF: Voyage to Venus *
BF: Voyage to the New World *

BF: The Age of Revolution *
BF: The Case of the Gluttonous Guru *
BF: The Bloodchild Codex *
BF: The Final Act *

BF: The Skeleton Quay
BF: Return of the Repressed
BF: Military Intelligence
BF: The Trial of George Litefoot

BF: The Monstrous Menagerie
BF: The Night of 1000 Stars
BF: Murder at Moorsey Manor
BF: The Wax Princess

BF: Encore of the Scorchies
BF: The Backwards Men
BF: Jago & Litefoot & Patsy
BF: Higson & Quick

BF: The Flying Frenchmen
BF: The Devil's Dicemen
BF: Island of Death
BF: Return of the Nightmare

BF: The Case of the Missing Gasogene
BF: Year of the Bat
BF: The Mourning After
BF: The Museum of Curiosities

BF: The Haunting

BF: Jago and Son
BF: Maurice
BF: The Woman in White
BF: Masterpiece

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