01 January 2000

Matt Smith

TV: The Eleventh Hour 
AFT: Chance Encounter
TV: The Beast Below 
TV: Victory of the Daleks
BOOK: Apollo 23
BOOK: Night of the Humans
BOOK: The Forgotten Army
AG: The Runaway Train
AG: The Ring of Steel
AG: The Hounds of Artemis
AG: The Gemini Contagion
TV: The Time of Angels
TV: Flesh and Stone
TV: The Vampires of Venice
BOOK: Nuclear Time
TV: Amy's Choice 
BOOK: The King's Dragon
BOOK: The Glamour Chase
TV: The Hungry Earth
TV: Cold Blood
AG: The Jade Pyramid
TV: Vincent and the Doctor 
AFT: Amy Alone
AFT: Return to Starship UK
AFT: The Eternal Quest
AFT: Vastra's Tale
AFT: The Planet at the End of the Universe
TV: The Lodger 
BOOK: The Coming of the Terraphiles
TV: The Pandorica Opens
TV: The Big Bang

SJA: Death of the Doctor 
TV: A Christmas Carol 
BOOK: Hunter's Moon
BOOK: Dead of Winter
BOOK: The Way Through the Woods

TV: The Impossible Astronaut
TV: Day of the Moon 
TV: The Curse of the Black Spot 
TV: The Doctor's Wife 
BOOK: Borrowed Time
BOOK: Touched by an Angel
BOOK: Paradox Lost
BOOK: The Eye of the Jungle
TV: The Rebel Flesh
TV: The Almost People
TV: A Good Man Goes to War 
BOOK: The Silent Stars Go By 
BOOK: Dark Horizons

TV: Let's Kill Hitler 
TV: Night Terrors 
TV: The Girl Who Waited
TV: The God Complex
TV: Closing Time 
TV: The Wedding of River Song
AFT: Ship Go Boom! [8/10]
AFT: The Uninvited Guest [6.5/10]

TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe 

TV: Asylum of the Daleks
TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship 
TV: A Town Called Mercy 
TV: The Power of Three 
TV: The Angels Take Manhattan 
TV: The Snowmen
TV: The Bells of Saint John
TV: The Rings of Akhaten 
BOOK: The Dalek Generation
BOOK: Plague of the Cybermen
BOOK: Shroud of Sorrow
TV: Cold War 
TV: Hide
AFT: Prime Directive [5/10]
TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 
TV: The Crimson Horror
TV: Nightmare in Silver 
TV: The Name of the Doctor

TV: The Day of the Doctor

TV: The Time of the Doctor

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