01 January 2000

Tom Baker

TV: Robot
TV: The Ark in Space
TV: The Sontaran Experiment
TV: Genesis of the Daleks
TV: Revenge of the Cybermen

TV: Terror of the Zygons
TV: Planet of Evil
TV: Pyramids of Mars
TV: The Android Invasion
TV: The Brain of Morbius
TV: The Seeds of Doom

TV: The Masque of Mandragora
TV: The Hand of Fear
AFT: Trumped! [8/10]
TV: The Face of Evil [6/10]

BF: The Foe from the Future 
BF: The Valley of Death
BF: Destination Nerva
BF: The Renaissance Man
BF: The Wrath of the Iceni *
BF: Energy of the Daleks
BF: The Trail of the White Worm 
BF: The Oseidon Adventure
BF: Night of the Stormcrow
BF: The Light at the End [8.5/10]

BF: The King of Sontar
BF: White Ghosts
BF: The Crooked Man
BF: The Evil One
BF: Last of the Colophon
BF: Destroy the Infinite
BF: The Abandoned
BF: Zygon Hunt

TV: Horror of Fang Rock [7.5/10]
BF: The Catalyst
BF: Empathy Games
BF: The Time Vampire
BF: The Child
BF: The Exxilons
BF: The Darkness of Glass
BF: Requiem for the Rocket Men
BF: Death Match
BF: Suburban Hell
BF: The Cloisters of Terror
BF: The Fate of Krelos
BF: Return to Telos
BF: The Genesis Chamber
AFT: The Space Mutant
AFT: The Gift of the Benevolence
AFT: White Christmas

TV: The Ribos Operation
BOOK: Tomb of Valdemar
TV: The Pirate Planet
TV: The Stones of Blood
BF: Ferril's Folly
TV: The Androids of Tara
TV: The Power of Kroll
TV: The Armageddon Factor

BF: The Stealers from Saiph
BF: The Auntie Matter *
BF: The Sands of Life
BF: War Against the Laan
BF: The Justice of Jalxar *
BF: Phantoms of the Deep *
BF: The Dalek Contract
BF: The Final Phase

TV: Destiny of the Daleks
TV: City of Death
TV: Creature from the Pit 
BOOK: The Romance of Crime
BOOK: The English Way of Death
BOOK: The Well-Mannered War
BF: The Romance of Crime *
BF: The English Way of Death *
BF: The Well-Mannered War *
TV: Nightmare of Eden
BF: The Beautiful People
TV: The Horns of Nimon
TVish: Shada
TV: The Five Doctors

BOOK: Festival of Death
BF: Babblesphere [10/10]
BF: The Pyralis Effect
BF: The Wave of Destruction
BF: The Labyrinth of Buda Castle *
BF: The Paradox Planet
BF: The Legacy of Death
BF: The Gallery of Ghouls
BF: The Trouble with Drax
BF: The Pursuit of History
BF: Casualties of Time

TV: The Leisure Hive
BF: Dethras
BF: The Haunting of Malkin Place
BF: Subterranea 
BF: The Movellan Grave
BF: The Skin of the Sleek
BF: The Thief who Stole Time
TV: Meglos
BF: The Beast of Kravenos
BF: The Eternal Battle
BF: The Silent Scream
TV: Full Circle
TV: State of Decay
BF: The Invasion of E-Space
BF: A Full Life *
TV: Warriors' Gate
TV: The Keeper of Traken
TV: Logopolis

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