01 January 2000

Patrick Troughton


TV: The Power of the Daleks
TV: The Highlanders
TV: The Underwater Menace
TV: The Moonbase
BF: The Selachian Gambit *
BF: House of Cards
BF: The Yes Men *
BF: The Forsaken
BF: The Mouthless Dead
TV: The Macra Terror
TV: Resistance
BF: The Three Companions
BF: The Forbidden Time [8/10]
BF: Lost and Found *
TV: The Faceless Ones
TV: The Evil of the Daleks

TV: The Tomb of the Cybermen
BF: The Black Hole *
TV: The Abominable Snowmen
TV: The Ice Warriors
TV: The Enemy of the World
TV: The Web of Fear
BF: The Great Space Elevator
BF: The Emperor of Eternity
BF: The Story of Extinction
TV: The Three Doctors
AFT: The Eleven Doctors [8/10]
TV: The Five Doctors
TV: The Two Doctors
BF: The Light at the End [8.5/10]
BF: Helicon Prime 
BF: Night's Black Agents
TV: Fury from the Deep
AFT: Enemy of the Cybermen
AFT: Apocalypse Dawns [7/10]
BOOK: The Nameless City [8.5/10]
TV: The Wheel in Space
BF: Fear of the Daleks
BF: The Apocalypse Mirror

TV: The Dominators
TV: The Mind Robber
TV: The Invasion
BF: The Isos Network
BF: Prison in Space
BF: The Rosemariners *
BF: Prison in Space *
BF: The Destroyers *
BF: The Way of the Empty Hand *
BF: The Integral
TV: The Krotons
TV: The Seeds of Death
BF: The Jigsaw War
BF: The Final Sanction
BF: The Glorious Revolution *
BF: Echoes of Grey
BF: The Memory Cheats
BF: Second Chances
BF: The Edge
TV: The Space Pirates
BF: Last of the Cybermen [7/10]
TV: The War Games

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