01 January 2000

Peter Davison

TV: Castrovalva 
BF: Psychodrome *
BF: Cold Fusion
TV: Four to Doomsday
TV: Kinda 
TV: The Visitation
BF: Smoke and Mirrors [8/10]
BF: The Star Men
BF: The Contingency Club
BF: Zaltys
TV: Black Orchid
BF: The Darkening Eye
BF: Iterations of I *
TV: Earthshock
TV: Time-Flight 

BOOK: Tip of the Tongue [9/10]
BF: The Land of the Dead *
BF: Winter for the Adept *
BF: The Mutant Phase *
BF: Primeval
BF: Spare Parts*
BF: Creatures of Beauty *
BF: The Game*
BF: Circular Time *
BF: Renaissance of the Daleks
BF: Return to the Web Planet
BF: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster *
BF: The Three Companions
BF: The Boy That Time Forgot *
BF: Time Reef *
BF: A Perfect World *
BF: Castle of Fear
BF: The Eternal Summer 
BF: Plague of the Daleks

TV: Arc of Infinity
BF: The Waters of Amsterdam (9/10)
BF: Aquitaine (8/10)
BF: The Peterloo Massacre (10/10)
BF: Omega *
BF: The Burning Prince
BF: The Elite
BF: Hexagora
BF: The Children of Seth *
TV: Snakedance
TV: Time Crash
TV: Terminus
TV: Enlightenment
BF: Freakshow*
BF: Cobwebs
BF: The Whispering Forest
BF: Cradle of the Snake
BF: Heroes of Sontar
BF: Kiss of Death
BF: Rat Trap 
BF: The Emerald Tiger
BF: The Jupiter Conjunction
BF: The Butcher of Brisbane
BF: Eldrad Must Die!
BF: The Lady of Mercia
BF: Prisoners of Fate
BF: Mistfall [5.5/10]
BF: Equilibrium [8.5/10]
BF: The Entropy Plague [9/10]
TV: The King's Demons

TV: The Five Doctors
BF: The Sirens of Time*
BF: Ringpullworld *
BF: The Secret History (9.5/10)

TV: Warriors of the Deep
TV: The Awakening
AFT: Decoy to Denebola
AFT: The Phoenix Rises
AFT: System Restore [8/10]
BF: And You Will Obey Me (5.5/10)
BF: Fallen Angels
TV: Frontios
BF: Excelis Dawns
TV: Resurrection of the Daleks
BF: Phantasmagoria
BF: Loups-Garoux*
BF: Singularity *
BF: The Memory Bank
BF: The Last Fairy Tale
BF: Repeat Offender
BF: The Becoming

TV: Planet of Fire
BF: Red Dawn *
BF: Exotron
BF: Urban Myths
BF: The Eye of the Scorpion
BF: The Church and the Crown
BF: Nekromenteia
BF: The Axis of Insanity
BF: The Roof of the World
BF: Three's a Crowd
BF: The Council of Nicaea *
BF: The Kingmaker *
BF: The Veiled Leopard *
BF: The Gathering
BF: Cuddlesome *
BF: The Four Doctors *
BF: The Five Companions
BF: Son of the Dragon *
BF: The Mind's Eye *
BF: The Bride of Peladon *
BF: Mission of the Viyrans *

BF: Peri and the Piscon Paradox *
BF: Rulebook *
BF: The Judgement of Isskar *
BF: The Destroyer of Delights *
BF: The Chaos Pool *

TV: The Caves of Androzani 
AFT: The Eleven Doctors [8/10]

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