01 January 2000

Paul McGann

TV: Doctor Who
BOOK: Spore [8/10]

BF: Izzy's Story *
BF: Shada 
BF: Mary's Story *
BF: The Silver Turk *
BF: The Witch from the Well
BF: Army of Death

BF: Storm Warning
BF: Sword of Orion *
BF: The Stones of Venice *
BF: Minuet in Hell *

BF: Invaders from Mars *
BF: The Chimes of Midnight *
BF: Seasons of Fear
BF: Embrace the Darkness *
BF: Time of the Daleks
BF: Solitaire 
BF: The Man Who Wasn't There *
BF: Neverland *

BF: Zagreus *
BF: Scherzo *
BF: The Creed of the Kromon *
BF: The Natural History of Fear *  
BF: The Twilight Kingdom *
BF: Faith Stealer *
BF: The Last *
BF: Caerdroia *
BF: The Next Life *

BF: Terror Firma *
BF: Scaredy Cat 
BF: Other Lives *
BF: Time Works *
BF: Something Inside
BF: Memory Lane *
BF: Absolution
BF: The Girl Who Never Was *

BF: Bernice's Story
BF: The Four Doctors
AFT: Fear of the Daleks
AFT: Puppet of Terror
AFT: Play Time
AFT: The Nightmare Legacy
AFT: Fallen Angel

BF: Blood of the Daleks (1: 9/10 | 2: 8/10)
BF: Human Resources (1: 9/10 | 2: 8/10)

BF: Dead London
BF: Max Warp *
BF: Brave New Town *
BF: The Skull of Sobek
BF: The Curse of the Fugue *
BF: Grand Theft Cosmos *
BF: The Zygon Who Fell to Earth *
BF: Sisters of the Flame
BF: The Vengeance of Morbius

BF: Orbis *
BF: Hothouse
BF: The Beast of Orlok *
BF: Wirrn Dawn *
BF: The Scapegoat *
BF: The Cannabalists*
BF: The Eight Truths
BF: Worldwide Web

BF: Death in Blackpool *
BF: An Earthly Child *
BF: Situation Vacant *
BF: Nevermore
BF: The Book of Kells *
BF: Deimos *
BF: The Resurrection of Mars *
BF: Relative Dimensions *
BF: Prisoner of the Sun
BF: Lucie Miller *
BF: To the Death *

BF: The Great War *
BF: Fugitives *
BF: Tangled Web *
BF: X and the Daleks *

BF: The Traitor *
BF: The White Room *
BF: Time's Horizon *
BF: Eyes of the Master *

BF: The World Beyond the Trees *

BF: The Death of Hope *
BF: The Reviled *
BF: Masterplan *
BF: Rule of the Eminence *

BF: A Life in the Day *
BF: The Monster of Montmartre *
BF: Master of the Daleks *
BF: Eye of Darkness *

BF: River Song - The Rulers of the Universe

BF: The Eleven
BF: The Red Lady
BF: The Galileo Trap
BF: The Satanic Mill

BF: Beachhead
BF: Scenes from Her Life
BF: The Gift
BF: The Sonomancer

BF: Absent Friends
BF: The Eighth Piece
BF: The Doomsday Chronometer
BF: The Crucible of Souls

BF: The Sontaran Ordeal

BF: The Time War

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