01 January 2000

The Confessions of Dorian Gray

This World Our Hell
The Houses In Between
The Twittering of Sparrows
The Heart That Lives Alone
The Fallen King of Britain

Ghosts of Christmas Past

The Picture of Loretta Delphine
The Lord of Misrule
Murder on 81st Street
The Immortal Game
Running Away With You

The Prime of Deacon Brodie

The Mayfair Monster

Blank Canvas
The Needle
We Are Everywhere
Heart and Soul
Displacement Activity
The Darkest Hour


The Enigma of Dorian Gray
Human Remains
His Dying Breath
The Abysmal Sea
Inner Darkness
The Living Image

Desperately Seeking Santa
All Through the House

One Must Not Look at Mirrors
Angel of War
The Valley of Nightmares
Ever After

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