01 January 2000

Sylvester McCoy

TV: Time and the Rani
BF: Unregenerate! *
BF: Red *
TV: Paradise Towers
BF: Bang-Bang-a-Boom!
BF: Flip-Flop *
BF: We Are the Daleks (10/10)
BF: The Warehouse *
BF: Terror of the Sontarans *
TV: Delta and the Bannermen
BF: The Fires of Vulcan *
TV: Dragonfire

TV: Remembrance of the Daleks
AFT: The Eleven Doctors [8/10]
TV: The Happiness Patrol
TV: Silver Nemesis
TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
BF: The Defectors [6.5/10]
BF: The Assassination Games [9.5/10]

TV: Battlefield
TV: Ghost Light
TV: The Curse of Fenric
TV: Survival

BF: Shockwave [7.5/10]
BF: Thin Ice
BF: Crime of the Century
BF: Animal
BF: Earth Aid
BF: The Fearmonger
BF: The Genocide Machine
BF: Dust Breeding *
BF: Colditz *
BF: UNIT: Dominion (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) *
BF: The Rapture

BF: The Harvest *
BF: Dreamtime *
BF: LIVE 34 *
BF: Night Thoughts *
BF: The Veiled Leopard *
BF: The Settling *
BF: No Man's Land *
BF: Nocturne
BF: The Dark Husband
BF: Forty-Five *
BF: The Magic Mousetrap *
BF: Enemy of the Daleks *
BF: The Angel of Scutari *
BF: Project Destiny *
BF: A Death in the Family *
BF:  Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge
BF: Robophobia *
BF: The Doomsday Quatrain
BF: House of Blue Fire *
BF: Project Nirvana
BF: Protect and Survive *
BF: Black and White *
BF: Gods and Monsters *

BF: You Are The Doctor *
BF: Come Die With Me *
BF: The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel *
BF: Dead to the World *

BF: A Life of Crime
BF: Fiesta of the Damned
BF: Maker of Demons

AFT: Grey Matter
AFT: The Doctor's Dilemma
AFT: Paradox Lost
AFT: A Night to Remember
AFT: Cradle Will Fall

BF: Love and War *
BF: The Shadow of the Scourge
BF: Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code
BF: Bernice Summerfield
BF: The Hesitation Deviation *

BF: Original Sin
BF: Cold Fusion
BF: Damaged Goods * (BOOK *)

BF: A Thousand Tiny Wings
BF: Klein's Story
BF: Survival of the Fittest 
BF: The Architects of History
BF: The Four Doctors *
BF: The Prisoner's Dilemma

BF: Harvest of the Sycorax
BF: River Song - The Unknown
BF: River Song - Eye of the Storm

BF: Excelis Decays
BF: Project Lazarus
BF: Last of the Titans *
BF: The Sirens of Time *
BF: Valhalla
BF: Frozen Time *
BF: The Death Collectors 
BF: Kingdom of Silver  *
BF: Keepsake *
BF: Persuasion
BF: Starlight Robbery
BF: Daleks Among Us 
BF: Return of the Daleks
BF: The Two Masters *
BF: Master *

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