01 January 2000

Colin Baker

TV: The Twin Dilemma

TV: Attack of the Cybermen 
AFT: The Eleven Doctors [8/10]
TV: Vengeance on Varos
TV: The Mark of the Rani
TV: The Two Doctors
BF: Davros *
BF: Cryptobiosis
BF: The Shadows of Serenity (8/10)
TV: Timelash
TV: Revelation of the Daleks 

BOOK: Something Borrowed [8/10]
AFT: Timelocked
AFT: Empire of the Time Lords 
AFT: An Unfair Advantage [7.5/10]
BF: The Nightmare Fair *
BF: Mission to Magnus *
BF: Leviathan *
BF: The Hollows of Time *
BF: Paradise Five *
BF: Point of Entry *
BF: The Song of Megaptera *
BF: The Macros *
BF: The Guardians of Prophecy *
BF: Power Play
BF: The First Sontarans *

BF: Whispers of Terror
BF: ...ish
BF: The Reaping *
BF: The Year of the Pig
BF: Last of the Cybermen [7/10]
BF: Prime Winner *

TV: The Mysterious Planet
TV: Mindwarp
TV: Terror of the Vervoids
TV: The Ultimate Foe
AFT: New Year's Eve
BF: The Wormery *
BF: Excelis Rising
BF: The Holy Terror *
BF: The Maltese Penguin 
BF: The Ratings War *
BF: Peri and the Piscon Paradox *
BF: Jago & Litefoot - Masterpiece
BF: Vampire of the Mind *

BF: The Marian Conspiracy *
AFT: The Marian Conspiracy
AFT: Crystal Palace
AFT: Pyramid of Traps
BF: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor *
BF: The Sirens of Time *
BF: The Apocalypse Element *
BF: Bloodtide *
BF: Project Twilight
BF: The Sandman
BF: Jubilee *
BF: Doctor Who and the Pirates (or The Lass That Lost A Sailor) *
BF: Real Time *
BF: Project Lazarus 
BF: Arrangements for War *
BF: Medicinal Purposes *
BF: Pier Pressure 
BF: The Nowhere Place
BF: 100 *
BF: Assassin in the Limelight 
BF: The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
BF: The Feast of Axos
BF: Industrial Evolution
BF: A Town Called Fortune *
BF: The Ultimate Adventure
BF: Beyond the Ultimate Adventure  

BF: The Condemned
BF: The Doomwood Curse
BF: Brotherhood of the Daleks
BF: Return of the Krotons
BF: The Raincloud Man
BF: The Red House
BF: Patient Zero
BF: Paper Cuts
BF: Blue Forgotten Planet

BF: I.D.
BF: City of Spires
BF: Night's Black Agents
BF: The Wreck of the Titan
BF: Legend of the Cybermen
BF: Jago In Love
BF: Beautiful Things
BF: The Lonely Clock
BF: The Hourglass Killers
BF: Voyage to Venus *
BF: Voyage to the New World *
BF: The Curse of Davros*
BF: The Fourth Wall *
BF: Wirrn Isle *
BF: Stage Fright
BF: Antidote to Oblivion [4/10]
BF: The Widow's Assassin *
BF: Masters of Earth *
BF: The Rani Elite *
BF: The Four Doctors *

BF: Judoon in Chains
BF: River Song - World Enough and Time
BF: River Song - Eye of the Storm

BF: Criss-Cross *
BF: Planet of the Rani *
BF: The End of the Line
BF: Shield of the Jotunn *
BF: Order
BF: Absolute Power
BF: Quicksilver

BF: The One Doctor *
BF: The Juggernauts *
BF: Catch-1782
BF: Thicker than Water *
BF: The Wishing Beast 
BF: The Vanity Box 
BF: The Wrong Doctors
BF: Spaceport Fear
BF: The Seeds of War
BF: Trial of the Valeyard [7/10]
BF: The Brink of Disaster

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