01 January 2000

Jon Pertwee

TV: Spearhead from Space
TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians
BF: Shadow of the Past*
BF: The Blame Game *
TV: The Ambassadors of Death
BF: The Last Post [10/10]
TV: Inferno
BF: Sentinels of the New Dawn*
AFT: Time Riders
BF: The Rings of Ikiria
BF: Damascus *

TV: Terror of the Autons
TV: The Mind of Evil
TV: The Claws of Axos
AFT: The Seige of Skaro [8/10]
TV: Colony in Space
TV: The Daemons
BF: The Magician's Oath
BF: The Mists of Time *
AFT: Prisoners

TV: Day of the Daleks
TV: The Curse of Peladon
TV: The Sea Devils
BF: Find and Replace *
TV: The Mutants
TV: The Time Monster

TV: The Three Doctors
TV: Carnival of Monsters
BF: The Defectors [6.5/10]
BF: Prisoners of the Lake *
BF: The Havoc of Empires *
TV: Frontier in Space
TV: Planet of the Daleks 
BF: Time Tunnel [5.5/10]
BF: The Other Woman *
BOOK: Last of the Gaderene
BOOK: The Spear of Destiny [7/10]
BF: Ghost in the Machine *
BF: The Transcendence of Ephros
BF: The Hidden Realm
TV: The Green Death

BF: Council of War
BF: The Three Companions
BF: The Prisoner of Peladon*

TV: The Time Warrior
AFT: The Eleven Doctors [8/10]
BF: The Light at the End [8.5/10]
TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs
TV: Death to the Daleks
TV: The Five Doctors
TV: The Monster of Peladon
TV: Planet of the Spiders

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