01 January 2000

Bernice Summerfield

BF: Oh No It Isn't!
BF: Beyond the Sun
BF: Walking to Babylon
BF: Birthright
BF: Just War (9/10)
BF: Dragons' Wrath

BF: The Secret of Cassandra
BF: The Stone's Lament
BF: The Extinction Event
BF: The Skymines of Karthos

BF: The Plague Herds of Excelis
BF: The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy *
BF: The Green-Eyed Monsters *
BF: Dance of the Dead *
BF: The Mirror Effect *

BF: The Bellotron Effect *
BF: The Draconian Rage *
BF: The Poison Seas *
BF: Death and the Daleks *
BF: Silver Lining *

BF: The Grel Escape *
BF: The Bone of Contention *
BF: The Relics of Jegg-Sau *
BF: The Masquerade of Death *

BF: The Heart's Desire
BF: The Kingdom of the Blind
BF: The Lost Museum
BF: The Goddess Quandry
BF: The Crystal of Cantus *

BF: The Tartarus Gate *
BF: Timeless Passages *
BF: The Worst Thing in the World *
BF: The Summer of Love *
BF: The Oracle of Delphi *
BF: The Empire State *

BF: The Tub Full of Cats *
BF: The Judas Gift *
BF: Freedom of Information *
BF: The End of the World *
BF: The Final Amendment *
BF: The Wake *

BF: Beyond the Sea
BF: The Adolescence of Time
BF: The Adventure of the Diogenes Damsel
BF: The Diet of Worms

BF: Glory Days
BF: Absence
BF: Venus Mantrap
BF: Secret Origins

BF: Resurrecting the Past
BF: Escaping the Future
BF: Year Zero
BF: Dead Man's Switch

BF: The Kraken's Lament
BF: The Temple of Questions
BF: Private Enemy No. 1
BF: Judgement Day

BF: Brand Management
BF: Bad Habits
BF: Paradise Frost

BF: Vesuvius Falling
BF: Shades of Gray
BF: Everybody Loves Irving

BF: A Handful of Dust
BF: HMS Surprise
BF: The Curse of Fenman

BF: Big Dig
BF: The Revenant's Carnival
BF: The Brimstone Kid
BF: The Winning Side
BF: In Living Memory

BF: The Revolution *
BF: Good Night, Sweet Ladies *
BF: Random Ghosts *
BF: The Lights of Skaro *

BF: The Pyramid of Sutekh *
BF: The Vaults of Osiris *
BF: The Eye of Horus *
BF: The Tears of Isis *

BF: The Library in the Body *
BF: Planet X *
BF: The Very Dark Thing *
BF: The Emporium at the End *

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