31 December 2015

2015: A Year in Review

Site Editor Matt takes a look back over the last twelve months...

2015’s been a busy year for Kroagnon. With the help of Chief Caretaker Dave, Ice Hot Kang Tom (plus me, the old Rezzie, recruited back in June), we've published nearly 250 reviews, interviews and overviews, amassing nearly 14,000 hits - a 50% increase on 2014. Basically, if there’s a –view in the word, we’ve done it.

It all started, like most years, in January. And it started well, with Russell T Davies' critically acclaimed return to television with the Cucumber/Banana/Tofu threesome. We were so impressed that the Golden Commendation - an 11/10 - was invented, setting the high watermark all other writers now strive to achieve.

During the first few months of the year, we also followed the developing story arc of Dark Shadows: Bloodlust – Big Finish’s brilliant emulation of the supernatural soap opera format. We had hoped for a repeat of the formula, and so were delighted this Christmas when a second series, Bloodline, was announced in time for Dark Shadows’ 50th anniversary celebrations in 2016.

The twin highlights of the middle of the year were Inside No. 9, which idiosyncratically aired its devastatingly brilliant Christmas episode in April. Although falling short of the coveted Golden Commendation both this, and the final episode of Toby Whithouse’s Cold War drama The Game scored 10/10.

As the nights started to draw in, Doctor Who returned to television with a hit and miss ninth series. Dave and I discussed the season at length recently, and concluded while there was perhaps more to admire this year than last, on the whole, despite finessing his performance, Capaldi has yet to have his quintessential episode. This was before the livelier Christmas story The Husbands of River Song aired, and we entered the post-Clara era. I hope we’re done now with the death of the Doctor (which has been done in four out of five Moffat seasons), and can look forward to less moribund adventures.

And so that was 2015. Another year over, a new one just begun. 2016 is going to be an exciting one for Kroagnon. As well as our mix of Doctor Who and TV reviews – with an expanded team – look out for the Site Awards, and more interviews with leading TV and radio writers. Happy New Year, and build high for happiness!

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