06 December 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 Ratings Recap

Your handy quick-reference guide to Doctor Who's 2015 audience figures!

Overnights Final Appreciation Index
The Magician's Apprentice 4.58m 6.54m 84
The Witch's Familiar 3.70m 5.71m 83
Under the Lake 3.74m 5.63m 84
Before the Flood 4.38m 6.05m 83
The Girl Who Died 4.85m 6.56m 82
The Woman Who Lived 4.34m 6.11m 81
Invasion of the Zygons 3.87m 5.76m 82
Inversion of the Zygons 4.13m 6.03m 84
Sleep No More 4.00m 4.61m 78
Face the Raven 4.42m 6.05m 84
Heaven Sent 4.51m 6.19m 80
Hell Bent 4.80m 6.17m 82
The Husbands of River Song 5.77m 7.69m 82

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