17 February 2015

TV: Broadchurch 2.7 (Newsom)

review by Tom Newsom (Twitter | Flickr | Blog) 

Penultimate episodes always kick up a gear, don’t they?

If anything this episode, there’s a new vigour to the whole episode, including the characters - well, Alec Hardy at least, as he (not so subtly) told Lee Ashworth. But also there’s some amazing camerawork this week, especially in the courtroom, where the big events and the big moments of tension are illustrated by swooping all over the place. It’s gorgeous and offsets the usual suspicious close-ups (still very impressive camerawork) that have become the series’s style.

The writer’s still kept some secrets back for a reveal in this episode - although I’m wondering with this drip-feed of secrets, how much will be revealed next week! Jocelyn and Maggie’s scenes were unexpected (if undermined for me by me wondering all these weeks how they knew each other, and whether I’d missed the fact they were sisters - I hadn’t). Mark Latimer’s plot continues with the sort-of-breakup with his wife continues to be a break from the norm, if not entirely gripping, and he’s definitely not helped by the defence seizing on him as a potential suspect. Lee and Claire come to blows again in a powerful, mad scene on the beach that must have been tough to film. And best of all story-wise, Alec and Ellie actually get round to interviewing a few other people and chasing up more leads about the Sandbrook case (although only one new person - what’s the betting he’s relevant?). If you’ve worked it all out yet then you’re far better at these things than I am, but I’m hoping the answer to it isn’t just one of the four main suspects that we keep seeing.

This episode, where things finally feel like they’re happening or just about to happen, is the best we’ve had in a while. I think overall the series - this one, not the last - is too long for this particular story. A six part series would have had more effect, less of a lull in the parts where there’s no investigation and no trial business. Which has been quite often, really...

The ending of this episode - seven episodes culmination remember! - will have you either have you howling or groaning depending if the magic has worn off yet - or both, as I did. Next time, then...

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Tom Newsom (Twitter | Flickr | Blog)

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