09 November 2014

888: Series 8 Round-Up

It wouldn't be the end of a series without an Artron Reviews round-up post. To celebrate the conclusion of Doctor Who Series 8, we've invited some of the best-loved reviewers, writers, artists and all-round good eggs from within the Whoniverse to sum up Peter Capaldi's first twelve episodes in 8 words each. Here's what they came up with.

Lee Binding
(Digital Artist/Graphic Designer | Twitter)
"Alien rediscovers his humanity, friend almost loses hers."

Will Brooks 
(Digital Artist and Reviewer | Twitter, Tumblr)
"Twelve slices of Doctor Who at its best."

Philip Lawrence  
(Writer, Actor, AFT Manager | Twitter, Action Figure Theatre)
"Nice try but Capaldi didn't win me over."


Stuart Manning
(Digital Artist | Twitter, Facebook, Flickr)
"Mad minxy Missy Master's mausoleum much mischief makes."

Una McCormack 

(Writer and Creative Writing Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University | Twitter, Website)
"Thoughtful, consistently good and blessedly story arc lite!"

Matt Michael
(DWM Reviewer, Blue Guard | Twitter, Podcast)
"Moffat's largely successful attempt to confound his critics."

Jonathan Morris
(Writer, Father, Hero | Twitter, Blog)
"Fantastic Doctor/companion/scares, but not for kids?"

Tom Newsom  
(Fan Writer, Artist and Reviewer | Twitter, Blog, Flickr)
"The new Doctor's merciless - magnificent. And so's Clara."

Jim Sangster
(DWM Reviewer, Occasional DVD Talking Head | Twitter)
"We're back on track - it's about time! Yaroo!!!"

Review Catch-Up List 
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Thank you very much to all contributors for their time, and to all associated with Series 8.

A full summary review will be posted in due course.

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