17 February 2016

Matt Michael's Top Ten Top Tens

As you probably know, today is the birthday of the editor of this very site, Matthew Michael. To mark the occasion, we're counting down his ten best Top Ten lists.

10. Top Ten 2000s Doctor Who Stories

Michael's rundown of his ten favourite noughties Who stories sadly missed out the classic Boom Town, which is why it's at the bottom of this list. An otherwise enjoyable list ruined. 7/10.

9. Top Ten Paperclip Manufacturers

After seeing off big hitters like WHSmith and Tesco, this list - one of Michael's more popular - ended with a result no-one saw coming. 7/10.

8. Top Ten British Train Operators

It wasn't entirely clear who took the number one spot in this countdown, but it didn't take Sherlock to tell who came bottom of the list. Above average; 4/10.

7. Top Ten 2010s Doctor Who Stories

One of the more niche lists in this list, Michael was determined to ruffle feathers with this one. 6/10.

6. Top Ten 1980s Doctor Who Stories

Who can forget the time when a decent list was spoiled by the omission of the best story of the 1980s, The Ultimate Adventure? Disappointing. 8/10.

5. Top Ten 1970s Doctor Who Stories

As we pass halfway, we reach one of Michael's most recent lists. More of a filler instalment. 7/10.

4. Top Ten Months

One of the best-received lists in living memory, the outcome was what we all suspected. 7.5/10 nonetheless.

3. Top Ten Knitted Tea Cosies

After dismissing the rainbow cosy as 'infantile', Michael concluded with a somewhat controversial choice. 5.5/10.

2. Top Ten CD Running Times

A very important deciding factor for a CD review, this gave a fascinating insight into Michael's analysis technique. A classic. 9/10.

1. Top Ten 1960s Doctor Who Stories

The typo only makes this one better. A true classic in the history of top ten lists, an undisputed masterpiece. 6/10.

Happy birthday Matt! Let's hope there are many more lists to come yet.

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