29 November 2015

Doctor Who Series 9: YOUR Thoughts

Here's a round-up of your thoughts on the 2015 run of Doctor Who so far. If you've any comments on this year's episodes, please feel free to leave them below this post. Don't forget to vote in our flash polls on Twitter every Saturday and Sunday!

The Magician's Apprentice

In our poll for Steven Moffat's nostalgia-laden opener, you rated it 7.7/10. Tom Newsom was more generous in his review, awarding the episode 9/10.

The Witch's Familiar

Our readers weren't so generous when it came to rating the concluding part of 2015's first story, giving it an a slightly lower average of 7.5/10. In his review, Tom actually went the other way and rated this an almost perfect story, with a staggering 9.5/10.

Under the Lake

The return of Toby Whithouse was met with much enthusiasm by readers, earning his first episode since 2012 8.3/10. Matt Michael took a look at this one, and scored it a respectable 8/10.

Before the Flood

You obviously enjoyed this bootstrap-bending instalment as well, giving it 8/10. Matt, like Tom, actually enjoyed the second part more than the first and awarded it 9/10 in his review.

The Girl Who Died

Jamie Mathieson's difficult third episode wasn't as much of a hit with our readers, receiving an average score of just 6.7/10. Tom enjoyed it regardless though, giving it 9/10 in his review.

The Woman Who Lived

We changed things up a bit for this episode and instead of having a poll on the site, we ran a two-choice flash poll on Twitter, where readers could just indicate whether they liked the episode or not. It proved to be pretty popular with almost 90% saying they did. Tom was similarly keen, awarding it 9.5/10 in his write-up.

Invasion of the Zygons

Tweeters were divided on this episode, with half giving it a thumbs up and half thumbs down. Dave reviewed it for us and was much more certain of this opinion on proceedings, awarding it 9.5/10.

Inversion of the Zygons

This Peter Harness-Steven Moffat collaboration proved more popular with our Twitter followers, with nine saying they approved and three disagreeing in our flash poll. Dave also enjoyed this episode, rating it 8/10 in his review.

Sleep No More

Reaction - as you may able to imagine for the most inherently divisive episode of the series - was polarised for Mark Gatiss' Sleep No More. On Twitter, just 3 of 19 voters told us they liked the episode, with the rest saying they were sent to sleep by the 'found footage' episode. Tom reviewed it for us and ultimately felt that the positives outweighed the negatives.

Face the Raven

All of the voters in this week's flash poll thought Face the Raven was a very moving episode as Clara bowed out of the series. Matt Michael reviewed the story for the site and wasn't completely sold but enjoyed it overall, awarding it 7/10.

Heaven Sent

This episode earned immediate praise from the vast majority of viewers, and that was reflected in our flash poll on Twitter where 88% of voters said they loved the story. Matt Michael was similarly enamoured with this single(-ish)-hander, scoring it 9/10 in his review.

Hell Bent

Whilst this episode was warmly received overall, it was to a lesser degree than Heaven Sent. This meant that 83% of readers thought it was brilliant, and the remainder awful. In his final review of the series, Matt gave it a positive rating of 7/10.

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If you have any thoughts you'd like to share, you can either comment below or use the contact form at the bottom to apply to review a future episode.

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