13 May 2015

TV: The C Word

I've been putting off watching The C Word.

Luckily I've had lots of things to distract me but I still know that subconsciously I was putting it off.

Depending on how well you know me, you may or may not appreciate the impact a drama about a young woman dying of terminal breast cancer might have on me.

I'm going to keep this relatively brief as watching this was hard enough, let alone writing this. 

Essentially, I thought it was beautiful. It conveyed perfectly the rollercoaster that this kind of situation puts you in, for all parties involved. Sheridan Smith was predictably amazing, and Paul Nicholls never put a foot wrong as the lovely Pete, who reminded me of quite a few people.

This was excellently scripted and directed too. Stephan Pehrsson has been a director of photography whose work I've been following in admiration for a few years and delivers once again here. Nicole Taylor and Tim Kirkby show us a pair of beautiful people and these 90 minutes really broke my heart.

If I do have one criticism, it would be of the slightly overdone 'handheld' camerawork, wobbling about all over the place distractingly in quite a few scenes.

But yeah. I cried a lot at this. It was extremely bloody good. Sheridan Smith is just flawless. Watch it.

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