28 May 2014

ANALYSIS: Mighty 241

As a result of DWM's recent survey, I thought I'd do my own little analysis piece. What follows is hopefully quite self-explanatory, but do feel free to comment if there's something you don't understand - or (dis)agree with! Enjoy.

Some of my least favourite stories:

The Dominators, The Time Monster, The Masque of Mandragora, Underworld, Silver Nemesis, The Wedding of River Song, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, The Time of the Doctor.

Some of my top stories:

The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Enemy of the World, The Invasion, The War Games, Spearhead from Space, Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death, The Green Death, The Robots of Death, Image of the Fendahl, Resurrection of the Daleks, Boom Town, Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways, The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger.

As you can probably tell, I find there's a lot more to like in Who than not. Below is a comparison table of the top 25 stories in DWM's poll. I'm sure you can work out what the other columns are. Click for a larger version.

I also did comparison between the average DWM's reader top 12 Doctors and mine. That's below, alongside a companions thing.

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