22 May 2016

Dave Is Useless (and Other Sorries)

You may have noticed there haven't been any posts for a while.

May was supposed to be quite a big month for the site. The plan I had in mind was to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Doctor Who TV Movie every week for the whole month, with a look each week at a different area of the Eighth Doctor's life - in comics, books, audio dramas and on television. I was also hoping that we might get interviews with relevant individuals on each of these weeks, with a review of a significant product of theirs some other time in the week. The main event would be a dual review between me and Matt of the story itself, and we were even hoping to interview someone connected with the TV Movie.

As you may have noticed, none of this actually happened. 

Well, Matt wrote a review of an Eighth Doctor comic, but I didn't get round to posting it. 

Some of you may know I'm relatively busy. I'm midway through a degree, I do a lot of work with my student television station, and I try and help run Blogtor Who, David Tennant News and Peter Capaldi News. On top of that I try and put a lot of effort into reviews and articles and organising other stuff for this little place. The focus lately has been on the degree, however, and as I type this I'm in the midst of exams. This, to me, is justifiably the highest priority as I'm forking out quite a bit of cash to do this course, so I may as well give it my best shot.

Unfortunately, that's meant I've basically done nothing else, which has led, as I'm sure you've noticed, to things going quiet. So, sorry.

Good news is that I finish exams this week, so expect more coming your way soon. In an hour or two of procrastination last month I planned myself a whole Big Finish review schedule for the summer, and it doesn't leave many free days, so hopefully that'll (in part) make up for this unexplained silence, which will no doubt have killed any kind of momentum we built up over the first few months of this year. 

I've also been sent a preview copy of The Legends of River Song hardback edition, so look out for a review of that on 2 June. It could be a joint thing with Matt, or it could just be me. We haven't quite worked out the details yet.

Anyway, Matt's review of the Eighth Doctor comic strip will go up this Wednesday. It's hardly the 'McGann May' I had planned, but maybe we'll try again in five years when this site is a huge, unstoppable reviewing juggernaut (probably). Thanks for sticking with us if you're reading this, and sorry again for the however many weeks it is (I don't dare look) since I last posted something.

Right, think that was everything.

Oh, I'll probably do a Big Finish roundup at some point since a lot of news (some of it exciting) has come out recently. And the five-hundredth edition of DWM is out on Thursday. I hope there's something by Matt in it - I keep meaning to ask him. I know Jonny Morris has at least one thing, so that probably justifies the cover price in itself. It'd be good to have something by Matt though.

Thanks, and sorry again.

Chief Caretaker, Kroagnon

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