23 April 2016

Dr. Who's New Television Assistant Revealed as Pearl Mackie

It's hard to believe anyone would be reading the news for the first time in this post, but in case you've somehow stumbled across this, it has been announced that Pearl Mackie will be joining Peter Capaldi aboard the TARDIS when filming on the 2017 series begins in June.

The casting of Mackie, whose notable previous work includes stage roles in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and Obama-Ology and in Doctors on television, was announced midway through an episode of the BBC's popular light entertainment programme Football. Tonight's episode stars the slightly implausible sides of Everton and Manchester United. Both of these teams have their fans, but not many of them seem to be Doctor Who fans that use Twitter.

I'm writing this well before the announcement, as I'm sure most websites reporting on the 'news' probably are, but I'm sure if you really didn't want to watch the football, you could have waited 3 microseconds and found the news out from Twitter instead.

The announcement followed an announcement of the announcement, and a trailer for the announcement -  in which is was revealed the new character was able-bodied and wore shoes - over the last couple of days. Many people have ridiculed this strategy, but it really is the most effective form of online marketing these days, and planting the reveal in the middle of a major sportsing event affords the series the biggest possible promo spot. And still fans moan.

Anyway, great news (probably - as I say, I'm writing this about 17 hours before the news is due) and we look forward to seeing Capaldi and Mackie in action together in upcoming episodes. Before then we have all the usual fun to look forward to - Is she the Rani/Susan/Romana/Lady Adrasta from Dr. Who and the Creature from the Pit? (yes to all the above) - so keep checking this website for new stories, not the others. Thanks.

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