30 March 2016

Big Finish Go Mad For March

As announced last week, between 9am and 10pm today (BST), Big Finish are hosting a series of one-hour sales on some of their products, including some which they have never discounted before. This attempt to part you with your hard-earned, titled 'March Madness', looks inspired by nothing more than it's the end of March, and the fact that there hasn't been a sale since yesterday. Oh and they've not tested this sales model before.

We'll be keeping you updated with all the 'action' through the day - real life permitting.

Updated at 9pm

FINAL OFFER: Doctor Who The Last Adventure

Don't forget - shipping is not included in the prices below, and is only free for bundles.

All today's offers:

9am-10am | Doctor Who: The Light at the End (Limited Edition) reduced to £25 (CD)/£20 (download) from £45/£40.
10am-11am | Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor and Mary Shelley Trilogy Bundle (The Silver Turk, The Witch From The Well and Army of Death) reduced to £12 (CD and download) from £44.97/£38.97.
11am-12pm | Big Finish Classic Literature Bundle (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Frankenstein, Treasure Island, The Picture of Dorian Grey and The Phantom of the Opera) reduced to £35 (CD)/£30 (download) from £84.96/£63.96.
12pm-1pm | The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield (Series One) reduced to £15 (CD/download) from £20.
1pm-2pm | The Omega Factor (Series One) reduced to £20 (CD/download) from  £30/£25.
2pm-3pm | Doctor Who: Novel Adaptations Bundle (Volumes 1 [The Romance of Crime and The English Way of Death] and 2 [The Well-Mannered War and Damaged Goods]) reduced to £50 (CD)/£40 (download) from £90/£50.
3pm-4pm | Doctor Who: Short Trips Bundle (Volumes 1 to 4) reduced to £16 (CD)/£10 (download) from £51.96/£43.96.
4pm-5pm | Terrahawks Volume One reduced to £20 (CD/download) from £30/£25.
5pm-6pm | Doctor Who Early Adventures Series One bundle (Domain of the Voord, The Doctor's Tale, The Bounty of Ceres and An Ordinary Life) reduced to £30 (CD)/£25 (download) from £45/£40.
6pm-7pm | The Worlds of Doctor Who (four story set) reduced to £25 (CD)/£20 (download) from £45/£25.
7pm-8pm | The Fifth Doctor Box Set (two story set) reduced to £25 (CD)/£20 (download) from £30/£25.
8pm-9pm | UNIT Extinction reduced to £20 (CD/download) from £30/£25.
9pm-10pm | The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure reduced to £40 (CD)/£20 (download) from £45/£25.

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