03 March 2016

Benny Unbound!

Big Finish have announced today that in her next series of adventures, released in August, Professor Bernice Summerfield will team up with David Warner's incarnation of the Doctor to fight Mark Gatiss' Master.

These three characters have all existed on audio for several years, but never before have they been brought together. David Warner has previously played the Doctor twice for Big Finish - first in 2003's Unbound: Sympathy for the Devil and then in 2008's Unbound: Masters of War. Mark Gatiss played the Master opposite him in the former. The Unbound range, which lasted just eight releases, each focused on a 'what if?' situation. Warner's Doctor was borne out of the question 'What if the Doctor had never been UNIT's scientific advisor?'.

Lisa Bowerman has appeared as Bernice Summerfield, or Benny, in countless releases since Big Finish's very first story in 1998. In 2014 the Bernice Summerfield line was rebooted with James Goss taking over as producer and each of the four-part box sets released since then has starred Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace, reuniting a team who first met in the 1990s New Adventures novels.

Coming this summer is a new four-story collection. The stories have been written by mainstays Goss, Una McCormack and Guy Adams, with Emma Reeves joining the fray. Reeves previously created and wrote for the CBBC series Eve as well as penning last year's Torchwood story Forgotten Lives.

The four stories are as follows:

The Library In The Body by James Goss
In a dying reality knowledge is the only thing left of value – and the Kareem have come to destroy it. Can Bernice, the Doctor save the last library?
Planet X by Guy Adams
Bernice and the Doctor land on a planet so dull no-one ever bothered naming it. Finally something interesting is about to happen here.
The Very Dark Thing by Una McCormack
Tramatz is an idyllic world – the rivers hum to themselves, unicorns prance through the emerald forests, and, at the very corner of your eye, is a horrible secret.
The Emporium At The End by Emma Reeves
The Last Song has been sung, and the final day of the universe have begun. Everyone flees to the gateway – to find that The Emporium At The End is having a closing down sale.
You can pre-order this release here.

This is part of Big Finish's celebrations marking forty-five years since the Master's first appearance in 1971 Doctor Who TV story Terror of the Autons. Already announced for this year are appearances from Geoffrey Beevers and Alex Macqueen in three main range releases, and the former will pop up with another dastardly master plan in this spring's eleventh series of Jago & Litefoot. The twelfth, released this October, is also said to be linked to it.

We'll bring you more on all these exciting new releases as it's announced!

[source: Big Finish]

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