03 February 2016

BBC Books to Reissue Doctor Who Novelisations

It has been announced that BBC Books are to reissue ten novelisations of twentieth-century Doctor Who stories as part of an effort to diversify the series' range in print.

Published in hardback and eBook on 28 April for the price of £6.99 each will be:
  • Doctor Who and the Zarbi by Bill Strutton
  • Doctor Who and the Web of Fear by Terrance Dicks
  • Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion by Malcolm Hulke
  • Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks
  • The Visitation by Eric Saward
  • Vengeance on Varos by Philip Martin
  • Battlefield by Marc Platt
And then on 3 November, for £9.99 each, the following will be released:
  • Doctor Who and the Daleks by David Whitaker
  • Doctor Who and the Zarbi by Bill Strutton
  • Doctor Who and the Crusade by David Whitaker
These three were of course the first novelisations published, and their 2016 release will see facsimile editions published. All of the ten titles will feature interior illustrations from Chris Achilleos, who contributed many of the covers for the original novels and is "delighted to be back on board after so many years".

These titles follow two series of republications of Doctor Who novelisations by BBC Books in recent years, which saw titles such as Day of the Daleks and Spearhead from Space (novelised as The Auton Invasion) back on shelves, replete with introductions from fans of the original books like Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies.

Several other titles are planned for release this year, most notably Jenny Colgan's In the Blood, a Tenth Doctor and Donna story released in the same month as Time Reaver, her contribution to Big Finish's full-cast three-story recreation of the same era, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate. 

We'll post more details as we get them.

(Source: Radio Times)

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