05 January 2016

12 Days of Big Finishmas Offers

This year, audio drama production company Big Finish will be running their series of seasonal discounts as usual. Each day between Christmas Day and the 5th January, the download edition of (at least) one release will be made available for £2.99 for 48 hours - exclusively on the Big Finish website. If you miss one, don't worry too much as traditionally all the offers are reinstated on 'Day 13 of 12'.

25 December » Doctor Who: The Beginning, Doctor Who: The Dying Light and Doctor Who: Luna Romana
26 December » Iris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa
27 December » Dark Shadows: The Phantom Bride
28 December » Benjamin and Baxter
29 December » Doctor Who: The King of Sontar
30 December » Pathfinder Legends: Rise of the Runelords - Burnt Offerings
31 December » The Confessions of Dorian Gray: The Mayfair Monster
1 January » Doctor Who: 1001 Nights
2 January »  Blake's 7: Fractures
3 January » Doctor Who: The Mega
4 January » The Mervyn Stone Mysteries: The Axeman Cometh
5 January » Doctor Who: Eldrad Must Die!

In addition to these special offers, Doctor Who: The Renaissance Man, starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, is also available for £2.99 throughout January as part of the company's The Listeners series.

On top of all that, Big Finish have also reinstated their 'Doctor Who Super Subscription' offer from 2015 for a limited period. This deal allows you to preorder 42 double-disc main range Doctor Who story, which will be sent to you as and when they are released. Subscriptions can be started at any point between releases 216 and 221.

The CD option will set you back £350 (a saving of 44% - £280 - over buying individually or 23% - £105 - over the equivalent 12 and 6-month subs) while the download option costs £325 (saving you 40% - £220 - compared to buying individually or 15% - £57 - of the existing subscription price).

Basically, if you're planning to stick with the range for the next few years (this takes you up to 2020) and you have the means, you can make some hefty savings here. To take advantage, click here.

If none of these offers take your fancy or you already have them, keep checking our website because there isn't usually more than a few weeks between Big Finish's sales, and there are always great bargains to be had.

[source: Big Finish]

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