13 January 2016

TV Review: Benidorm 8.1

And so Benidorm is back... again. Many people might quite justifiably be wondering why the sitcom keeps being recommissioned year after year and although I do generally enjoy it, I did wonder how it managed to get another series. The bottom line with this episode is that it's basically more of the same. If you liked what you got in the last seven series, particularly the last couple, then this is for you. If not, then it's probably not.

The old faces that are back are up to their usual tricks, without much of note really going on. Joyce, Les(ley), Jacqueline, Kenneth, Troy and Tiger are the main returnees, but Mateo is also back. I surprised myself at how glad I was to see Jake Canuso again, after an hour without him. There's a new family of three generations in town and in another break from tradition, it's the grandparent that's the pain in the arse. At least Madge had a wicked sense of humour; Eddie's just an annoying pratt. I've only spent an hour with him, let alone a week. I pity the Dawsons very much.

Julie Graham shows up as a new regular, and whilst she and the rest of her family (grandad aside) are likeable enough, she stands out as a quality performer. It's a shame she gets stuck on shows like this, Death in Paradise and Bonekickers when she could happily front her own programme.

There are a lot of funny moments in this and it's good if you just want to have a laugh for an hour and indulge in something a bit mindless. It doesn't do anything dazzlingly original or noteworthy, but then it isn't trying to. On balance, average.

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