18 December 2015

Dark Shadows Hits 50!

In one of their most exciting announcements of recent months, Big Finish have unveiled the first details of their plans for Dark Shadows' anniversary.

Cult TV favourite Dark Shadows began life as a gothic soap opera on 27 June 1966. To celebrate its impending golden anniversary, audio drama production company Big Finish have announced their plans for next year.

Coming in June is the Fiftieth Anniversary Special itself. Roy Gill (scribe of this year's Panic plus several episodes of The Confessions of Dorian Gray and Iris Wildthyme) has written the two-hour release, which will see an old enemy return at a pivotal moment in the Collins family's history. Dark Shadows' former Big Finish producer Stuart Manning, now most known for his retro Doctor Who posters, will provide the artwork for this release.

Following that, the autumn will yield a follow-up to this year's runaway success Bloodlust. Bloodline will be another thirteen-part serial released at a rate of two episodes a week and although there's no word yet on whether it too will be a murder mystery, it has been said there are supernatural occurrences as the peoples of Collinsport gather for David Collins and Amy Jennings' wedding. The serial will be written by Will Howells (Bloodlust, The Enemy Within), Alan Flanagan (Bloodlust, Carriage of the Damned, The Confessions of Dorian Gray), Aaron Lamont (Beyond the Grave, Deliver Us From Evil) and Rob Morris (The Curse of Shurafa).

Both of these stories are produced by stalwarts Joe Lidster and David Darlington. You can preorder the anniversary special for £14.99 on CD or £12.99 to download by visiting the Big Finish website here.

These announcements come after a highly successful year for the range. In January, the range was named Big Finish's best series in this site's awards and soon after Bloodlust began. This brilliant innovation brought countless new listeners to the series, taking something that was previously niche, even by Big Finish's standards, to the 'mass market'. You can catch up with all our reviews of the episodes here and you can of course still order it here. A further six stories were released across the course of the year, again to great critical acclaim. Watch out for reviews of those coming soon.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out our interview with producer Joe Lidster here, and don't miss your chance to purchase four spooky stories by the people behind Dark Shadows - Quartet: Fear is available here.

2016 looks to be extremely promising for Dark Shadows fans old and new, and we highly recommend trying the series!

[source: Big Finish]

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