14 October 2015

Spooks 4.7: Syria - Micro-Review

I knew this one was coming eventually. Wasn’t totally sure from the clever next time trailer, but after seeing the airport... god, I remember the ending on this one. Shocking!

It’s all about Fiona. Her plan is revealed as we go along – and it deals with her history from Damascus, Syria (ever so topical!). We get to see the backstory in some very nice flashbacks. She’s onto some diplomatic intrigue involving undercover talks with the ambassador... but it’s a ruse from her to gain some closure...

This episode’s a bit like Utopia really. On the main side though, there’s some good old fashioned spy stuff – Jo learning the ropes and about legends, some classic fake poisons and diversions and car chases and stuff, lovely. But there’s a very ominous, bleak tone to it all. Someone has recognised Fiona – but who is interested in her? Answer – her dead husband, who Adam framed. Ohhh boy! But even though she knew he was still alive, her plans fail – in particular the handy tracking device is lost. It’s a race against time, as always, for Adam when the team realise the truth. And as ever, he’s a few seconds behind the eventual conclusion. On an orange skied airstrip (stylish), Fiona is shot seconds too soon... and dies in the arms of Adam. Sob!

Standout Moment: The ending. The last ten minutes are a marvellous twist and race against time, and each time we realise that Fiona knew what was going on... a very well constructed episode really. And then Fiona tricks her dead husband, but to no avail...
Guest Star Watch: Nobody I’ve seen really, except the nice looking Khalid Laith who was in Occupation as the silent ‘minder’ secret service bloke.
Hellos and Goodbyes: Fiona dies!! (And the impact of this is felt into the next episode...)
Death Count: Three? The ambassador is beaten to death rather savagely – we see his body, so that sorta counts. Fiona and the husband are shot dead.

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