12 October 2015

Spooks 4.5: The Book - Micro-Review

I’m taking ages to watch them, but this series is wonderful so far! And oh so stylish.
This one stars off very surreal and stylish with a murder of a former spook boss in his house. A journalist calls and finds strange men faking his death (with a plastic bag – one of the worst ways on screen for sure), and what follows is a half slow-mo chase out of the house and through the woods... wonderful!

Though why is the journalist there? And what did the men want? We find out the answers soon enough – as the former spook was writing his memoirs (a ‘kill and tell’ as Juliet puts it!). A good twist is that the people who murdered him are in fact some people in the government themselves (turns out Juliet ordered it!) and now they’re after the journalist.

He, for reasons that aren’t totally clear, goes to see Ruth for help. The team uncover the murder and find out who did it, whilst trying to protect him. And there’s also a young girl involved named Joanna Portman...

All in all, it’s a standard but cracking episode, and topped off by stylish sequences, shady morals and twists. Great show!

Standout Moment: The opening comes close (in terms of confusingness!) but there’s an amaaaaaaazing shootout near the end. Jo warns Zaf, Ruth and the guys in the safehouse by setting off the alarms of the cars outside. They plunge the room into darkness... and the shootout is set in the dark with a flashing blue strobe light. (from the cars? Or the guns?) Looks lovely though, and quite a long sequence.
Guest Star Watch: Stanley Townsend as old-school but baddie Ray, from The Shadow Line and many others. Spook at the start was played by Andrew Burt, Valgard in Terminus. I probably know Douglas Hodge (married in real life to OFAH’s Raquel by the way) as Brick from an Outnumbered! Miranda Raison of course has been in Doctor Who, Merlin, and, well, Spooks.
Hellos and Goodbyes: Hello to... Miranda Raison! Yes, I remember how she arrived – Adam arrives pretending to be a gas man to investigate her, um, investigating. She’s an unemployed journalist who gets caught up in the case, and then Adam recommends her for the job. And she outstays mostly everyone else here!
Death Count: One - the ‘suicide’ at the start.

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