04 October 2015

Spooks 3.7: Outsiders - Micro-Review

Back to normal with this one, the old computer hacking story! But this hacker’s very clever, leading to lots of twists and turns and scary what-ifs.

First paracetamol gets spiked with dangerous levels of chemicals. Then bank accounts get wiped. Then traffic lights go green and the 999 emergency services line goes down. Someone has a grudge against technology (and uses Muslim and historical quotes), and is using the legendary key to a computer code to do it.

Okay, that’s sort of plausible – and the only reason he got the key was that he created the program in the first place (just never made money from it). It’s a simple tale well told, and the sting (which comes earlier than you’d expect) is that the killer is working with MI5, and is an old friend of Ruth’s. A late night dinner over a carbonara turns nasty as she realises that nice old geek Andrew is their history obsessed hacker.

The events of the last episode cast a long shadow – Danny’s sarcastic and bitter after Zoe’s exit, and Will pops up threatening to spill all.

The ending’s slightly too long – especially as this was one of the first episodes I watched, so I knew the slightly-too-obvious twist before I started (though Spooks rarely does that sort of Agatha Christie style twist). James Bond style poison coated diamonds (or Lord of the Rings as Malcolm quotes) and a model helicopter make an appearance, before they rescue Ruth and save the day.

Standout Moment: The moment Ruth, over dinner with Andrew, realises he’s the killer. You can see it on her face, subtly, just as she completes the quote, then feigns a hasty retreat. It doesn’t work. Poor Ruth.
Guest Star Watch: Adrian Rawlings (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, etc) plays bad guy Andrew.
Hellos and Goodbyes: We hear of Fiona and Adam having a child, Wes – as she makes a second appearance. We see more of him in the future. Zoe’s ex boyfriend Will makes a final appearance apparently.
Death Count: Lots mentioned, but two: a woman in the hospital, on-screen, and Andrew from the diamonds at the end, sorta off-screen but we saw his dead body. Out of the car crash, the man was still alive.

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