01 October 2015

Spooks 3.4: A Prayer for My Daughter - Micro-Review

Harry meets his daughter! She works in an Israeli protest group – a complex subject, as the writers say, which is tackled from many angles, but is mainly background as it’s controversial.
There’s two main sides – the greasy newspaper boss wanting a Greater Israel – who is probably one of the most unrepentant, selfish, powerful bastards the series has ever produced – and is therefore pretty accurate (if one-sided). The other is an MP who forms a group which happens to have Harry’s estranged daughter Catherine in it...

Oh, Harry. The best performance of the episode really – making quite a lot of the others look worse than usual. There’s lots of twists and turns – emotions run high when she is suspected to be a double agent, and Harry gets too personal. Danny gets too close too (undercover - he’s very unsubtle!) – sleeping with her in the end, before having to reveal he works for her father!

Adam’s wife first appears – hooray! She’s really sexy – not how I remembered her, but then I only remembered her dying, really. She’s great fun in this, if not too deep, and they really love each other. Which leads me nicely onto Zoe too – who, despite Danny’s obvious jealousy, gets engaged to her photographer boyfriend. But his shadier brother tries to leak some photos to a newspaper... oh oh! Repercussions time...

Emotional episode, with a nice climax as the MP’s boyfriend (yes, proper gay role – AND the episode features a USB download countdown scene with a security guard – hooray! First one of those, though we’ve had a few downloady ones before.) is the mysterious November Committee double agent and tries to frame his suicide... okay, slightly silly, but it works and doesn’t spoil the rest of the not-so-action-packed episode.

Standout Moment: The scenes with Harry and his daughter, near the end – probably the ending itself, actually, as they say goodbye. Really lovely truthful performance.
Guest Star Watch: Anton Lesser! (Primeval/The Hour) He’s quite good, if underused, as the MP Ashworth. Huw Rhys played Redpath in The Unquiet Dead, but is unrecognisable here as the photographer’s brother as he’s got a beard!
Hellos and Goodbyes: Adam’s wife finally appears! She’s MI6, but gets drafted in here: Adam says he’s looking for “someone ruthless, immoral, vicious and utterly lacking in human sympathy.... my wife!” – haha!
Death Count: Nobody, I don’t think – the peace talk woman at the start dies off-screen, we don’t see her body or anything. Nobody else really.

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