26 September 2015

Spooks 2.9: The Seventh Division - Micro-Review

A Columbian drug dealer in the country, and shadowy connections to an oil company. The overarching plot is rather thin – especially MI5’s evolving plan – but it still provides good moments.
A similar episode this one to Episode 2 of the last series – there’s a major subplot with Zoe and Tom going undercover, befriending the Columbian girlfriend at a gym and having a dinner party, before revealing they’re spies: and this time, asking her to do some work for them.

Meanwhile there’s a slimy oil company boss, some dealers working as cleaners, and also the reappearance of Tessa! Lovely scenes of her – a Moriarty to Harry’s Sherlock – and it turns out Sam’s being spying for her! Which leads to a nasty scene of Harry and Zoe interrogating Sam, which is full on (his performance is particularly spiteful – though you can tell they burst out laughing after the shouted phrase “where is the palm top?!”.

After an abundance of gadgets and spy tropes – being undercover, bag swaps, trackers, interrogation, double agents, hidden bugs, it’s all here! – it meets a grisly head as the girlfriend gets found out (Tessa rather sadistically tells all!) and stabbed, whilst the drugs boss gets strangled in a car – one of the most shocking death moments as he struggles, breaking the window, as mournful Spooks music plays (though I did notice much of the score in this is old pre-recorded soundtrack stuff alas).

Tom also gets too close – being cold and then angry after the death (horrible scene as he holds her dying body). He shouts at Harry at the end, accusing him of covering it up (as there’s awkward Governmental connections) and carries on with Christine. It won’t end well...

Standout Moment: Quite a few powerful contenders – the start, the end particularly – but I’d go for them revealing they’re spies and showing the girlfriend her lover’s box of his victim’s keepsakes. A visual realistic depiction of his nastiness – all those watches – but also her father’s ring. Which is a fake!!
Guest Star Watch: Santiago Cabrera (Heroes, Merlin) is one of the cleaners! (in one of his first screen roles apparently) And of course! – it was Michael Cochrane playing the pervy oil company boss – he of everything fame, including Ghost Light and Black Orchid.
Hellos and Goodbyes: On the face of it nobody, but I think Tessa makes her last appearance (sadly).
Death Count: Five – three customs people at the start garrotted (eight in all, but three on screen just about), the girlfriend brutally stabbed, and the drugs boss very horribly strangled in a car.

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