24 September 2015

Spooks 2.7: Clean Skin - Micro-Review

A standard Spooks episode this – and quite cheap actually. Bit low budget, bit uninteresting, bit dated, but still good and well made. The main theme is Firestorm – a French created military EMP program that they want to steal for safety – before the creators sell it to China, or the French get hold of it for themselves.

But obviously they don’t want the French to know about this – and a suave agent of theirs is sent in to coordinate the spying mission. Danny works with him (generally involves looking out at stuff, which is extremely cheap and not very interesting! There’s a slight clash of cultures thing going on – like last episode – but it’s more clashing of two personalities (and one of which is a slightly stereotyped Frenchman!) He flirts with Sam, which annoys Danny. (And there’s a short tailing sequence in a modern looking glassy railway station restaurant, probably St Pancreas.)

Meanwhile there’s a second plot – Harry gets burgled! One of the few (and the first) time we see Harry’s domestic life and home, which gets ransacked and secrets stolen. Unfortunately those secrets are vital to the plot of the story, and the burglars burn the copies at their council estate house (which is the Powell Estate from Doctor Who!). There’s a quite shocking moment where they mess about with a phone that was in there – that has a gun in it, and someone gets shot!

Silliness and coincidence is even more apparent when one of the burglars is actually a very clever 14 year old with a photographic memory. They take a risk with him, train him via a computer game, and get him to input the memorised Firestorm codes.

Yeah, it’s a bit clichéd – though it is 2003 – though the episode has got some interesting direction style, as most of the location stuff has an orange filter on it, giving the episode an orange (and also blue especially) light, which is quite stylish in places. And the block that the boy infiltrates is a nice modern find. In the end though? They get the laptop, the boy doesn’t want much in return, and doesn’t want to change whatever lifestyle he has. And it’s Spooks, so he won’t appear again. Oh well. (Meanwhile, Tom is looking pretty happy dating Christine – well, she is gorgeous if slightly annoying – but the fact they’re both spies makes it easier than Ellie or Vicki... even if they keep informing their bosses on every secret and tip off they tell each other!)

Standout Moment: A hard one – probably the bit where they’re training, and he’s typing in the access codes – but stops before the end, and asks what will happen to him after the mission, and what he wants in return. A good talk with Tom and the boy.
Guest Star Watch: JJ – the boy – is all grown up now... and appeared as Jez in Spooks Code 9! Hahahahah! A few French actors too, but nobody particularly I’ve seen in anything else.
Hellos and Goodbyes: Nobody – well, Harry’s house perhaps (don’t we see his son or daughter later on?).
Death Count: The creator bloke gets shot by a soldier – so one. One of the burglars got shot in the chest but is stable in hospital somehow.

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