23 September 2015

Spooks 2.6: Without Incident - Micro-Review

Quite a light, glamorous episode – the president’s visit! But the CIA are a bit heavy handed in their dealings with Mi5, and Tom and Christine Dale have to work together.

A lot of humour! Tons of stereotypes and clichés – coffee and tea, jargon, heavy handed with terrorism (trying to stop there being a muslim policeman!), etc. Sexual tension with Tom and Christine, resolved in the end. And also lovely, lovely scenes with Miranda the psychologist! She conducts sessions with the team – most of them dread it – which makes Zoe and Danny really cagey and tense!

The American visit means paranoia in the grid – topped by the climax in which a mystery microlite flies towards the Prime Minister’s residence... which sounds silly, but it’s tense and a big shout-off between Christine and Tom. Turns out to be a false alarm!

Lots of stock footage in this too, notably George Bush and Tony Blair! And lots of Airforce One planes, etc. Feels quite real though – even their slight detour to visit the Libyan Embassy and secret deals about Lockerbie (oh, hindsight...) Gorgeous tracking shot with them walking through “Buckingham Palace” (and superbly funny American line, to Zoe standing in for the queen: “QE2, change your attitude and get your ass over here” or thereabouts.

And also – Vicki or whatever he name was, the doctor ex-girlfriend of Tom. Fantastically funny scenes and we realise that she’s set him up... advertising him and his phone number as a gay secret service style gigalo! But there’s a quite horrible scene when Christine gets her own back and kidnaps and practically bullies her into going away from him. Ouch.

Standout Moment: Another ending – Tom and Christine have a late night drink, realise they both lie to each other, and be all sexy. Then lie down for a kiss on the sofa, and we cut to the telly, with Blair and Bush saying that the UK and the USA have a “strong, special relationship”. I remember that bit!
Guest Star Watch: Miranda was Ruth Gemmel, who’s been in Primeval and The Fades. Troy was also the CIA American guy in Sherlock 2.1! And obscure Doctor Who watch: Steve Kirby was in The Smugglers.
Hellos and Goodbyes: Vicki the Doctor gets a last appearance. But Christine gets a big starring role here.
Death Count: Nobody, I think.

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