21 September 2015

Spooks 2.4: Blood and Money - Micro-Review

Danny’s the star of this episode (for once!), in a staple of the series, the banking episode! And it goes all Hustle.

The main Macguffin (if I want to be harsh) is ‘twenty billion dollars’, stolen aid from America to Russia (which we go to, via some stock footage and a grubby street. And the first use of real footage – George Bush and Putin make cameos!). There’s some murky goings on in a bank, and Danny goes undercover as a trader (and Zoe, as a cleaner! Ha!)

The script isn’t as punchy this week, but the plot is pretty good. Malcolm and Colin especially get good roles. Ruth is revealed to have leaked information to Downing Street – but is given a second chance, as it’s only minor, and she’s adorable. Zoe’s subplot with the banker romance comes to an unfortunate end – it ties up neatly with this story, as she gets unwittingly caught on camera with him – but he then reveals the Russian Mafia bloke behind it all.

Meanwhile Danny has to launder 19 billion dollars, and attracts the attention of the Mafia boss’s daughter, also a trader. A tense, yet slightly silly, sequence where they flirt and act and get watched on (in his flat, redressed, because of a lack of budget – MI5 or BBC? And the government invest it in the NHS!), as we know she’s armed and he’s faking it. The torture scenes with a shirtless Danny (who later gets dressed very quickly) and the Mafia bloke are a little bit silly.

In fact, the episode’s slightly unbelievable... and yet it’s based on a real case! Still – it has got our first Spooks strip club moment, and first tits. Well well. Great London location filming too.

Standout Moment: Zoe’s mystery man invites her to a swanky hotel room... which has been bugged! Cue a lot of embarrassment from Colin who’s watching, and ‘oh no’ groans from the audience.
Guest Star Watch: Sophie Okonedo! Hooray! She plays a treasury civil servant high up person, snooty and slightly crooked. Nice work. There’s also Big Finish’s Julie Cox (who plays Mary Shelley against the 8th Doctor), who I amazingly spotted – probably more due to her incredibly voice than her face. There’s also class veteran actors Oliver Ford Davies (was he the guy who had the stroke in this? That was quite well done), Robert Hardy, and Rade Serbedzija. Who I haven’t seen in anything really.
Hellos and Goodbyes: Nobody, I don’t think. Well, Zoe’s mystery man probably won’t appear, so that’s his goodbye.
Death Count: One very grisly crucifixion, though it’s not exactly a ‘death’. The guy at the start got shot in the head. We never saw what happened to the bad guys, just a flash grenade. And one person had a stroke, but survived, just. So, one and a half.

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