14 September 2015

Spooks 1.3: One Last Dance - Micro-Review

Review by Tom Newsom

One of the staples of the show, done well – it’s the good old hostage situation! Foreign embassy, agent undercover without any communication... this time it’s Zoe in trouble, which is a great episode for her. And also for Harry – who’s finally fitted into the role.

Tessa, who’s was a bit rubbish before, has been given a very story specific past – she’s an old flame of the bad guy. Interesting... pays off at the end though. I sort of remember watching this one. Turns out the Turkish situation is all a smokescreen – and it’s actually the secret spy bank next door they want to rob (and steal all the agents names in the world!). This is where it gets rather silly indeed. There’s some welcome British humour in it though, as people stay calm under the pressure.

Not helped by a wheezing man on a balcony strapped to dynamite. And the Windows 95 style computer screens and technology. As I said – it’s silly, but sort of gripping. The hostage scenario is dealt with rather swiftly and oddly – there’s a neat bit where Colin fakes some news footage and shows it to the captors (done later in Series 8 ish I think) but that’s brushed aside when they just march in there anyway. Some cool rooftop and tunnel action though.

Standout Moment: Hmm, tough. Probably Zoe finally standing up and admitting she’s in ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ (though not with her real name). Tense. Or Tom’s chatty ‘pizza’ lines over the phone to the captors.
Guest Star Watch: Ray Panthaki, later of Eastenders. Ozan Cosar was apparently in The Wheel in Space (the main asthmatic guy?) Ralph Ineson looked familiar – from Goodnight Sweetheard probably, though he’s been in lots. Interesting to note Johnny Marks was played by Christopher Fulford, who’s Camille Codouri’s husband! Ha! And Jeremy Bulloch apparently was the minister guy – wow!
Hellos and Goodbyes: Nobody really. Helen’s death was mentioned again – and Harry deleted her file. (Can he do that? Does that mean she never existed?)
Death Count: Some near misses from hostages, so surprisingly few – in fact, just the one captor that gets shot in the forehead near the end (quickly).

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