13 September 2015

Spooks 1.2: Looking After Our Own - Micro-Review

One of those standout episodes – shocking and sad too – and it’s only episode two! Even without that infamous deep fat fryer scene (you think they’ll save the day in time... but they don’t. And she’s the most loveable character in it).

This one deals with lots of spy stuff, perhaps clichés – the undercover op! Done really nicely, with Tom and Helen (spooky!) becoming a married couple. So quite a Tom episode, and great to see Helen in it loads, as Lisa Faulkner is wonderful. But so are the rest of the guest cast, not least Kevin McNally, who’s perfectly chilling as a racist thug in a suit, There’s also a subplot involving human trafficking which gets fed into the main plot, as we realise that they’re in deeper trouble than they think...

It’s different to watch this knowing that she dies... which makes the scenes leading up to it far more poignant. And scary. Surprised how small that scene was now I remember – especially as I didn’t close my eyes and turn away this time! Lovely job all round here – particularly the ending, dealt with very, very well. I also noticed the touches that make it very 2002 – the shop branding, the computers, and also smoking indoors! They also have a habit of backing stories up with plausible grainy TV news footage. There’s a particularly nasty government official. And then the almost Diana-like death to Osbourne is well deserved, and shows just how powerful this team is. Even though the characters are too human for the job...

Standout Moment: Well, it’s got to be Helen’s death, hasn’t it? Or her talk about ‘turtles’.
Guest Star Watch: Kevin McNally as Osbourne, being awesomely chilling. Also as his wife is Debra Stephenson! (still can’t take her too seriously after her comedy roles!) And as an undercover journalist guy, a young Tom Goodman Hill! Wow, all in this one.
Hellos and Goodbyes: Hooray, Colin appeared! They must have loved him so much, they brought him back as a main role. Feel slightly sad as I know his similar fate... but that’s years away. And then for goodbyes, there’s...
Death Count: Helen, obviously. And Osbourne at the end. Think the minister said two people had died though – maybe Tom Goodman Hill too?

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