12 September 2015

Spooks 1.1: Thou Shalt Not Kill - Micro-Review

So, episode one. Fantastic seeing the old team again, looking so young! All very different – Tom is great, Keeley is shy and looks young. Danny’s interesting – probably don’t remember him as much.

Harry is far younger and with much less gravitas. It’s the pilot, yes, but it doesn’t feel like the same technology filled Spooks, with shiny black surfaces and a proper office for him... well, you’ve got the cool airlock doors anyway. It’s a show about spies, not spying. The mission isn’t as important in this (opening) episode, the main thing is the characters and their relationships and the team. Lots of comic relief and background characters and admin staff (Malcolm, hooray! And Lisa Faulkner! Sigh!).

The script and plot is very good indeed. Bomb idea, which means a bloody fantastic Casualty like scene precredits, with a car flipping exploding. Seeds are sown – Ellie, Christine the CIA woman (who’s just like her Not Going Out character really!), etc. The main enemy of a Pro-Life organisation from America took me by surprise – no Al Qaeda and all that in this so far! They’d never ever do something like that these days in the show! Not too sure where the rest of their group went – they made loads of bombs and then... well, I know their leader gave them all the information on how to stop them, but still. Great last hero shot – our first slowmo walk cliché! - and last ‘Disneyland’ line.

The show’s really got style – thanks to the editing, fast pace, script (which has everything in it – two episodes in one night I think is a bit much after all that!) and great music, which I downloaded ages ago. Roll on Ep 2!

Standout Moment: The exploding car at the start. Wow, what a stunt.
Guest Star Watch: Ken Bones (not Patrick Malahide! Popped up in Young Dracula recently), Derek Riddell (from Tooth and Claw) and also Amy Pond’s mum who died in the car!
Introductions: Everyone in the ep really – Tom, Zoe, Danny, Harry, Tessa (don’t remember or like her much), Malcolm (hooray), Christine Dale, Helen.
Death Count: Just the one, the woman at the start I think.

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