27 February 2015

TV: Weekly Wipe III.5

Weekly Wipe is really finding its feet again, and reminding me just why I consider it a must watch. This week's episode, the penultimate of the series, featured a lot of moments where I couldn't help bursting into laughter. 

Coverage began with EastEnders' 30th Anniversary celebrations, presented from a skewed but objective perspective. Brooker's take on the whole event was predictably amusing, with his unique way of avoiding an arguably predictable punchline scoring most points. The comparison between 1985 and 2015, whilst a feature I expected, was still a particular highlight. The only thing I could think of that was missing from the coverage of the anniversary week was a reference to Zoe Ball's previous live backstage programme, which was of course for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary in 2013.  A quick mention of the infamous live link-up with One Direction would not have gone amiss - although the Doctor Who mentions quota was satisfied elsewhere.

Morgana Robinson also returned as Russell Brand, but this was a much more pleasing segment than its predecessor. Instead of mocking society and Brand's take on it, which, while amusing, has been done, this concentrated on children's programmes - especially In the Night Garden and Peppa Pig. Robinson's politics-infused commentary on these shows was a source of much enjoyment, and it's encouraging that she can produce content of this quality. Her other contribution to Weekly Wipe, Zeb the teenage YouTuber, makes me do a Brooker-esque sigh, only mine's genuine. In short Robinson's re-Brand is a complete success (geddit?). More please. 

Other topics covered by Brooker included, inevitably these days, the economy, politicians and economics politicians. If this series lost its way a little at the midpoint, it's making up for lost time now. Even Philomena Cunk's Moment of Wonder (this time about medicines) came off well. My favourite item for this week, however, has to be Cunk and Barry Shitpeas' analysis of this awards fing called The Oscars. This induced many a laugh and made me fall in love with this pair all over again. Overall, a truly enjoyable piece of satirical television, and a joy from start to finish. 

A continuation of Brooker's Wipe series is surely a no-brainer, even if not in the current format. 

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