20 February 2015

TV: Weekly Wipe III.4

After last week's slightly unfocused episode, Brooker's back on form for the fourth episode in the series. It's staggering to think we're already past the halfway point of the show's third run, and when the host has his mojo located as firmly as he seems to here. The presentation is one of the killer factors with Weekly Wipe for me, and it's pleasing to see we're back to normal standard.

Much of this episode is comprised of a Top 40 countdown of the scariest things in the world right now. And while, as you'd imagine, there are several unexpected entries, the majority are deadly serious. With Brooker's unique slant on proceedings though, things are kept from being too morbid. It's certainly true that the modern world we live in is terrifying (due only to other humans) and it seems Brooker and team agree that some of the scariest individuals are those who don't realise the damage they're doing. Various American news anchors, for example, are presented here as simply barbaric, week after week. It's shocking that these people are influencing the opinions (consciously or otherwise) of a large proportion of North America. 

In the world of pre-records, there was no sign of Zeb this week (dare I say pleasingly?) and Philomena Cunk (Diane Morgan) investigated climate change. As always, this was pleasant and amusing enough, but I would've rather spent longer in the company of Brooker's contemporary commentary. Jake Yapp's condensation of The Voice into 105 seconds was a highlight of the episode though, as his segments regularly are. They he manages to capture the essence of the show he's summarising so exactly is uncanny.

All in all then, a swing in the right direction.  The show's sense of humour and slant of satire suits me down to the ground, and I love the attention to detail, from the writing to the post-production. I loved how deliberately crap the Top 40 graphics were for example (though I'm sure they took much longer to create than a swisher, more modern version would have), and the #WWLive overlay was a nice touch. Brooker may have just been having an off-day during filming last week, but with his wit fully restored, Weekly Wipe is once again essential viewing for anyone interested in current affairs. 

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