13 February 2015

TV: Weekly Wipe III.3

The news may be a pretty depressing landscape, and not just at the moment, but it seems this week Brooker couldn't will himself to find the enthusiasm to mock it. Only lighter, possibly pre-recorded segments on topics such as the first 4D cinema and Fifty Shades of Grey managed to lighten the mood. 

This week's grimmer subjects included HSBC, ISIS and the economy. As enjoyable as the Cunk/Shitpeas commentary was, it served mainly as a reminder of how bleak the global landscape is at the moment. There were some sound points made, as always, but they were more poignant and deeper than normal. Also of note were Yanis Varoufakis and a programme about supermarket shopping. 

I'm not entirely sure what it was about this episode, but overall I found it lacklustre and without the joy that usually permeates Brooker's programme. It was an enjoyable episode, but left me feeling worse about the world than I did before, which is not a normal situation. I like this programme mainly for the reasons that it offers a satirical slant on the latest news, and sends up the week's most stupid telly. Without one of these factors, some of the passion is lacking. Whilst there are still other enjoyable features (Jake Yapp is excellent as  ever) and less enjoyable elements (Zeb), overall I'm feeling a little underwhelmed by the show, for perhaps the first time ever.

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