06 February 2015

TV: Weekly Wipe III.2

Yes, it's Weekly Wipe again. Topics prime for dissection this week included the run-up to the political debates, Broadchurch and a sinister doll named Carly. As usual, most amusing was Brooker's political commentary. What I enjoy most about this section is that Brooker doesn't poke fun at every major party leader just to satisfy BBC equality guidelines, he genuinely finds fault with each of them. In this way, it makes him both more relatable and likeable; you have to be really dedicated to your party to be blinded to any faults they may have.

He isn't simply highlighting shortcomings for the sake of it though; they are often genuine mysteries or blunders. This week, I gained most from the slogans segment - I'm glad I'm not the only one to have noticed the subliminal messages they're trying to send. Brooker's robotic impression of David Cameron got one of the biggest laughs in the whole half-hour - and that's saying something. My TV highlight of the week though has to be the immortal 'Oh dare to f*cking dream, Dave!'. I've even burst out laughing now, just at the thought.

Also reliably giggle-eliciting were the World of Bullshit interludes. 'Nightmares' declares Brooker before informing us of a terrifying new children's toy, the aforementioned Carly. It really is a creepy thing, especially since it's been hacked and can now say anything. I did think it was a nice touch closing the show with one though. I just hope I never encounter one in real life - the clip from Twilight Zone certainly was nightmare-inducing.

TV-wise, Broadchurch and 10,000 BC were under examination this week. As amusing as Cunk and Shitpeas' comments about the former were, I'd be surprised if they were the thoughts of Brooker. Usually, the two talking (but not thinking) heads act as something of a mouthpiece for his opinions, and here they spend the majority of the time questioning the rationale behind a second series. A second series which has been excellent, according to this site's reviews (read more here!). The comments made about 10,000 BC were equally amusing, and I'm with Brooker that being on that programme (in which modern-day Brits pretend they live 12,000 years ago - What? No, it's nothing like Bromley!) sounds bloody awful!

My main issue with this edition of Weekly Wipe, beyond not finding it as amusing as last week's, was once again with the pacing. Morgana Robinson returns, but in the form of Russell Brand. Her intermissions are relatively amusing, but I find Brooker's dry wit and approach to satire much funnier personally. And there's another Moment of Wonder from the Cunkster, this time concerned with thinking and dreaming. Again, I enjoyed it, but I'd rather it didn't take up so much of the running time. Or any, actually; it's beginning to feel a little tired. Brooker traditionally ends the show with 'that's all we've got time for', well you'd have a lot more time if you cut out the pre-records, mate (including the Carly item, no doubt)!

But I appreciate the pressures of the environment Brooker operates in, and equally appreciate the good work he and his 'team' manage to do every week. It's still my favourite topical satire show, and long may it continue.

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