06 January 2015

TV: Broadchurch 2.1

If anyone was in any doubt that a second series of Broadchurch wouldn't ruin the reputation of the first, this episode is certainly one to set their minds at ease. It's a grand-standing opener, filled with more twists than an entire series of Doctor Who, and setting up a series undeniably as epic as the first. 

Writer/creator Chris Chibnall's cleverest move was continuing the story of the first series rather than trying to replicate its story. To be honest, I'd forgotten just how good this show was. I loved the first series - like any sane person - with the exception of the final episode. I didn't think it fitted with the preceding seven episodes, but on reflection, it's very similar to this one. 

The direction is so stylish on this it's almost unbelievable, and looks like nothing else on television. James Strong has always been a talented director, but this show really gives him a platform to show what he can do (along with John Conroy of course). The acting is similarly strong, even from the host of new characters Chibnall treats us to. The only quibble I could possibly have with this episode is that Olivia Colman's accent slips once or twice, but that's barely worth mentioning. (oh, and there's too many bloody adverts!)

Now that's how to do an opener.

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