16 January 2015

TV: Benidorm 7.3

There's three new additions to the regular cast this week, though we've met them all before. First off is Clive's sister Terri, but most anticipated was surely the return of Geoff Maltby - AKA The Oracle. And Noreen his "PA" (read: mother) of course.

Even as far as Benidorm goes, this is never going to go down as a classic episode. As usual, everything that could go wrong does. It was notable last week that the one time things were going right, no-one could believe it, but here the status quo is restored. There's disaster left, right and centre.

For one thing, Kenneth has started a backstreet botox boutique, Mateo knocks Terri out with a wax lemon, and The Oracle has a tantrum when he loses the "Answers and Arrows" competition. The only party whose day doesn't involve too much misfortune is Glynn and Jacqueline's. I'm actually quite enjoying the relationship now that Glynn's relaxing into it, although I do keep getting the feeling that Alan David is putting emphasis in a different place in lines to how Derren Litten has written them. I look forward to seeing where they go next week though.

It has to be said. The first episode without Steve Pemberton and gang is really lacking something. The Garveys brought a spark to the programme that the motley ensemble of Tiger, Clive and Terri, Geoff and Noreen, and Glynn and Jacqueline don't seem to be able to replicate. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come, and just the transition into the new, Garvey-free, era. While this isn't the poor episode, and Jake Canuso shines once again, it lacks the dynamism and drive of the last couple. Also, is this the earliest we've ever got to the Neptune's scene? Barely 14 minutes in!

Anyway, decent, but hopefully not an indication of things to come.

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