09 January 2015

TV: Benidorm 7.2

As an exit for the Garveys, I can't think of much better. This is typical Benidorm fare, but since when's that been a bad thing? In fact, it's quite the opposite. I love the cohesion between all the elements of this episode too: the only standalone plotline is Clive's.

Buck A Roo of course seems too good to be true, but finally some good luck besets the show's most famous family. It's a very swift exit, but I thought the dialogue over the plane departing was perfectly-pitched, in script and execution. Farewell Mick, Janice, Madge and Michael. Benidorm won't be the same without you. It's thanks to Derren Litten's strong scriptwriting over the years that you feel a pang of sadness as they jet off to pastures new, but I look forward to all the exciting stories he has coming up.

If there's one downer on this episode, I'm still not all that keen on Glynn and Jacqueline. They're well written, and it's a good storyline, but something just hasn't clicked for me. But aside from that, another great episode and the highlight this week has to be Jake Canuso. He's always good, but here he's better than ever. And next time, the Oracle (and Noreen) return!

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