02 January 2015

TV: Benidorm 7.1

Benidorm's back! This series is one of my guilty pleasures. Whilst Broadchurch and the like offer groundbreaking drama and push the boundaries of television, Benidorm is almost like my comfort show, and not at all in a bad way. The programme really appeals to my sense of humour and is an hour of true escapism.

I've read complaints that the first episode of Series 7 simply repeats a lot of the storylines, beats and even jokes of older series, but for me that's entirely the point of Benidorm. I think every scene in this had me laughing and by the end I was in no doubt that I'd really enjoyed what I'd just watched.

This series' plot threads are set up right from the off and writer and creator Derren Litten weaves them all together more skilfully than it might first appear. He can deploy such an impressive array of larger-than-life, overly eccentric characters it's almost worrying. I wasn't keen on Jacqueline's wife swap plot, but I assume that's due to the sad passing of Kenny Ireland, who played her husband Donald. All in all, this is a massively enjoyable opener and heralds great things for the sitcom's seventh series.

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