28 September 2014

BF Marathon Schedule

Having completed the Destiny of the Doctor series, I had quite a backlog of Big Finish stories to work through and review. I've decided to go through them in chronological order (from the Doctor's perspective) including full-cast dramas and audiobooks alike. There'll be a couple of diversions along the way, but it will be pretty much strictly Doctor Who stories, from Hartnell all the way through to McGann, lasting well into 2015 and almost certainly beyond.

Once I complete a review, the titles below will automatically be linked. Due to the order of when I purchase releases, some may be inserted retrospectively. For example if there's a big sale on Series 4 and 5 of the Companion Chronicles, I may pick up some that go between other stories I've already reviewed. But because I love you very much, I will go back and adjust all the post dates so that they end up in chronological order. So don't moan at me too much if I seem to have skipped a story. I normally work about eight or nine weeks ahead after all.

The Revenants
The Suffering
Home Truths
The Drowned World
The Guardian of the Solar System

The Forbidden Time
The Glorious Revolution

Old Soldiers
The Last Post
Shadow of the Past
The Blue Tooth
The Sentinels of the New Dawn
The Doll of Death
The Mists of Time
Find and Replace
The Prisoner of Peladon

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