03 August 2014

BF: Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories

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As I have mentioned in several of the above reviews, this anthology was script edited by Jonny "Magic" Morris. I think a change in this role has genuinely breathed new life into the main range, which many long-term listeners believed was becoming a bit stale. It's no secret that he is my favourite writer that Big Finish have on their regular roster (congrats on the screenwriting gig by the way) and so I was naturally delighted that he'd be in the big chair for four consecutive months. Here, he's chosen to go with the intriguing theme of perception and perspective, which has yielded four interesting pieces. Each is totally different from the last, and I think this could perhaps be the most varied release of this style Big Finish have done, whilst also being the most interestingly linked. For most of these releases I was expecting something totally different to what we got, which is always a nice surprise.

Whilst I may have favourites among these, there are most certainly no bad ones and I would definitely encourage anyone to purchase this. The best thing is that it's completely standalone from any other series, so by spending £15 you get four dazzling, introspective, exciting stories. Unquestionably worth the money. It's also lovely to have Six and Peri back together and it's staggering that this is only their twelfth original story together with BF. Luckily, they're about to do something about that very soon. 

It really feels like every contributor gave 100% to this story, something which has perhaps been missing for a little while. This was a true ensemble effort, but I must just mention Nick Briggs and Wilfredo Acosta, who have perhaps contributed the most to the success release (along with Morris). Thanks too to Anthony Lamb for a lovely cover. Whilst this is a mixed bag (in terms of tones and styles, not quality) I must single out An Eye for Murder as being in my top three stories I've heard this year - along with Scavenger and Babblesphere. I can't think of how this could be topped, so I look forward to Mr Morris proving me wrong with the much-anticipated (in this house anyway) Revenge of the Swarm later this month.

In a Nutshell: Diverse but cohesive, possibly the best anthology Big Finish have ever produced.

You can buy Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories here.  Read the Doc Oho review here and the Blogtor Who review here.

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