14 May 2014

MUSIC: Parachutes

I know that many people cannot stand Coldplay. I don't wholly understand it, but I know it. These four blokes, however, are my one true musical passion. Sure, I like other artists and songs, but I don't think many can touch this British four-piece. On Monday 19 May, their sixth studio album, Ghost Stories is released to the world. I hope you don't mind me indulging a passion of mine (it is my site, after all!) as I look back at their first five albums in the build-up to this release, giving a (very!) brief overview of each track. And if you do, you can either express your displeasure in the comments (seriously, there's only ever been one - and that was me!) or alternatively you probably won't be reading anyway.

Moving on...

1. Don't Panic [9/10]
Smooth guitars and dreamy lyrics make this one of Coldplay's best openers. The music video is great.

2. Shiver [4/10]
This is alright, but a bit bland and hasn't aged very well. The poor video doesn't help.

3. Spies [7/10]
This approaches atmospheric before getting too '90s. It's one of the stronger tracks of the album though.

4. Sparks [5/10]
The bassline is great, but there isn't a lot else that appeals to me here.

5. Yellow [10/10]
Undoubtedly the standout track of the album, and still one of my favourite songs. I've never grown tired of this.

6. Trouble [6/10]
Decent lyrics are underscored by an average song, apart from the bassline. Guy nails it on this album.

7. Parachutes [9/10]
Short and poignant, I love this interlude of a title track. Which is strange, because I don't like its sequel.

8. High Speed [1/10]
This bores me, and is definitely one I skip when listening through. It's really not for me.

9. We Never Change [1/10]
Another weak song, possibly the worst of the album. A sure skip for me.

10. Everything's Not Lost [3/10] (+ Life is for Living [9/10])
Everything's Not Lost is poor and slow, like the preceding two tracks, but Life is for Living is great. It's a brilliant closer and song in its own right. The Live 2012 version enhances it even further.


Top Three Tracks:
Yellow, Don't Panic, Life is for Living

High Speed, We Never Change

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